Grabathon 8.0

22nd ~ 24th October 2020
Pandemic version

Team and Individual Registrations are closed! Please reach out to @grabathon-crew on #grabathon8 in case of any queries!

Thanks so much for your idea submissions! We've rounded up 300+ ideas, and 60 of which are curated as Crew's Choices. You can have all of them here!

Revenue Generators

Solutions that have a direct impact on increasing Grab's revenue.

Platform Solutions

Solutions that solve multiple problem statements, across multiple TFs.

User Love Boosters

Solutions that focus on the great UI and UX for end users (internal & external)

Cost Savers

Solutions that significantly improve the cost saving across the company

One Grab Champions

Solutions that comprise the most diverse team members that solve a diverse set of problems across Grab.


Solutions that focus on gamification of existing customers at Grab (internal & external).


Pre Hackathon Schedule

Individual & Team Registration

Problem statement submission

All problem statement are published

Grabathon Day 1 ( 22 October 2020)

Grabathon 8.0:
Let's get started

[Grabathon Partner Tech Talk - AWS]
Speeding up Innovation by Adrian Cockroft (VP, Cloud Architecture Strategy, AWS)

[Grabathon Partner Tech Talk - MSFT]
Azure Marketplace apps designed with accessibility first principle, by Kenny Singh, Cyber Security and Compliance Lead

Join us for a short and quick guided meditation and the first round of a series of lucky draws we have lined up for you.

[Grabathon Partner Tech Talk - MSFT]
PowerApps for pandemic contact tracing, by Hitendra Changlani, Technology Specialist at Microsoft

Grabathon Day 2 ( 23 October 2020)

Depending on the time zone that you are in, start / end your day with a wonderful guided meditation exercise followed by an excitingly amazing Kahoot quiz

[Grabathon Partner Tech Talk - AWS]
Technology for the future by Santanu Dutt (AWS, ASEAN Head of Technology)

[MSFT Fireside Chat]
Join us for an amazing conversation on innovation & hackathons with Ravi Krishnaswamy, Microsoft VP Azure Global Industry, ex Group CTO at InMobi and VP of Engineering at Flipkart

Join us for an amazing Pandemic Scavenger Hunt & win exciting prizes.

Join us for the next round of lucky draws and a musical surprise for you all.

Grabathon Day 3 ( 24 October 2020)

We're back!
Join us for another round of lucky draw. Stakes are high, the prize money is getting bigger.

Judging Briefing!
Join us for a briefing on judging criteria, panels and rules & regulations.

Judging Phase 1:
6 judging panels with 3 judges each to decide the top 6

Top 6 teams present to Vikas, Suthen, Reuben, Ling & Anthony (?) and fight out for the big prize money

"While the judges contemplate and calibrate....
Let's look back at what happened in the past 2 days, gear up for the final round of the lucky draw and G! Radio by Michelle"

Here are the winners!
We've got a lot of prizes to give out!


Award for winners



awards per theme (winner & runner-up)


special category awards

  1. Ambition / Innovation of the Solutions (5 points)
  2. Value (3 points)
  3. Intuitiveness (3 points)
  4. Functionality (4 points)
  5. Diversification across Grab (2 points)
  6. Feasibilty of Implementation (3 points)
  7. Quality of presentation (4 points)
  8. Diversity and Inclusion for teams(Women @ Grab) (1 points)


Developer Resources
Backend Code


Rules & Regulation

Developer Rules
  1. All teams should be as 'inclusive' as possible. The recommended team size is 6: 1 from Business, 1 from product, 1 from frontend/fullstack, 2 from backend, 1 from QA
  2. The maximum team size is 10 members.
  3. iOS and Android
    1. Create branches with name grabathon-8-[team-name]
    2. Push code to this branch
    3. Deploy using IPA/APK or Xcode/Studio using debug mode on the simulator or test devices
    4. Backend changes can be deployed to staging and no changes will be required to access the same or it can be mocked locally on a laptop
  4. Flutter
    1. Apps written fully in flutter:
      1. Create branches with name grabathon-8-[team-name]
      2. Add new folder in apps directory
      3. Push code to this branch
      4. Build and deploy using flutter tooling
    2. Native apps with flutter as a module:
      1. Create branches with name grabathon-8-[team-name]
      2. Add new folder in flutter_pax directory
      3. Push code to this branch
      4. Build and deploy using XCode/Studio as native app
  5. Backend:
    1. Teams can build a mock backend server on a laptop within your team and ask the mobile engineers to integrate with the same
    2. Teams can also merge your code to a custom hackathon branch (with name grabathon-8-[team-name]).
    3. It is recommended that teams deploy on staging for demo + presentation:
      1. They would need to format their service name as "gh-[team_name]-[service_number]".
        E.g. As team "Hackathon Geeks", if I want to deploy 2 services on staging for the hackathon:
        Service 1: gh-hg-one
        Service 2: gh-hg-two

        Note: GFG has a strict limitation of maximum 10 characters in the service name. The staging deployment format for GFG would be
      2. They would need to deploy on their existing staging infrastructure with the right service names.
        In case of any queries / approvals during the hackathon, please reach out to @anshu.prateek (GFG) and @althaf.hameez (non-GFG).



  1. Q. Do I need to have an idea to register a team?
    A: No, please register your teams, and all the problem statements will be made available to everyone on 12th Oct.
  2. Q. Do I absolutely need to submit a problem statement that I could potentially solve?
    A: Yes, all problem statements will need to be submitted at go/grabathon-8-idea, even if you are not going to work on it.
  3. Q. What is the process of filtering problem statements, and why do we have it?
    A: It is NOT a filtration process, but rather a verification process to address 3 things:

    1. Each problem statement has enough information so it is 'hackable'.
    2. The problem statements are not hacked in silos, i.e. they are made available for everyone so that it is an even ground to start hacking, and innovation is in the way the problem statement is solved.
    3. Each idea 'sufficiently covers the themes and judging criteria' mentioned in
  4. Q. If my submitted problem statement does not pass the filtration/verification process, does that mean I/any team cannot work on it?
    A: No, teams can work on any of the submitted problem statements, verified or otherwise. However, the organising committee advises but does not enforce, teams to work on the verified problem statement.
  5. Q. Are all problem statements visible to all teams before and during the hackathon?
    A: Yes — check them out here!.
  6. Q. Can I work on a problem statement that is not part of the submitted list?
    A: Yes, but is MANDATORY to submit your problem statement at go/grabathon-8-idea.
  7. Q. Can I keep a problem statement to myself, and hack? I am sure this is a winning problem statement.
    A: As mentioned in FAQ-5, it is mandatory to submit the problem statement that you are going to solve, before hacking on it.
  8. Q. What if my team has only a few members, can I still participate?
    A: Yes, however the recommended team size is 6, and as inclusive as possible (1 business, 1 product, 2 backend engg, 1 fullstack/frontend engg, 1 QA), and the maximum team size is 10.

Have any questions? Please reach out to us at #grabathon8 on slack!